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Blommers' studio
The Hague, The Netherlands

  • March 24, 1882 - September 11, 1883

The artist Bernardus Johannes Blommers (1845–1914) visited Vincent at his studio on Schenkweg in April 1882 to discuss the possibility of Vincent’s giving a lecture at the artists' society Pulchri Studio on his collection of magazine illustrations from The Graphic. The lecture never took place, however. Vincent also visited Blommers in his studio at Spui 58. It is likely that he also visited Blommers when the latter lived at Van Stolkweg 17, given that Vincent’s friend Théophile de Bock (1851–1904), with whom he stored his painting supplies when working in Scheveningen, lived so close by (at Van Stolkweg 20). Vincent never wrote about any such visits, however, so it is unknown whether they took place.


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