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Collse water mill
Nuenen, The Netherlands

  • May 17, 1884 - May 29, 1884

In May 1884, Vincent worked on several mill paintings. One was of the water mill at Kollen, which he passed on his walks from Nuenen to Eindhoven. While painting the mill, he wrote to his friend Anthon van Rappard:

“It’s the same sort of thing as the two other water mills that we visited together, but with two red roofs, and which one views square on from the front — with poplars around it. Will be magnificent in the autumn.”  Read the complete letter

Water Mill at Kollen near Neunen is part of a private collection. The other mills Vincent visited with Van Rappard were the Opwetten water mill and the Hooijdonk mill in Nederwetten. 


Ton de Brouwer
Van Gogh en Nuenen
Venlo, 1984­­­­­

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