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J.L. Baijens & Zonen
Nuenen, The Netherlands

  • December 5, 1884 - November 24, 1885

While he was working in Nuenen, Vincent bought his art supplies from Baijens & Zonen in Eindhoven. Through the shop, which also sold items including glass and floor coverings, Vincent met a number of people; they probably included Anton KerssemakersWillem van den Wakker and Antoon Hermans. Vincent was dissatisfied with the quality of Baijens’ paint. Still, when he departed for Antwerp in November 1885, he took a supply of it with him from Eindhoven so that he could keep working.


Ton de Brouwer
Van Gogh en Nuenen
Venlo, 1984­­­­­

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