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't heike
Etten, The Netherlands

  • April 30, 1881 - November 27, 1881

Vincent made various figure studies in St Willebrord. In November 1881, he wrote to his brother Theo that his room was full of them:

“I’m now sitting in the little room, writing to you with a whole collection of men, women, children from Het Heike &c. all around me.” Read the complete letter

He visited ’t Heike with people including his friend Anthon van Rappard, who stayed with him for two weeks in June 1881. In 1883, Vincent reminded Van Rappard in a letter:

“Yet there’s still a great deal of beauty left in Brabant — just think of Het Heike, where we went together.” Read the complete letter

’t Heike had made a strong impression on Vincent; he mentioned it more than once in his letters from The Hague:

“I still think of Het Heike so often” Read the complete letter


J.A. Rozemeyer
Van Gogh in Etten
Etten-­Leur, 2003

Evert van Uitert
Van Gogh in Brabant: paintings and drawings from Etten and Nuenen
Zwolle, 1987

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