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Dordrechts Museum
Dordrecht, The Netherlands

  • January 9, 1877 - May 2, 1877

Vincent paid a few visits to the Dordrechts Museum, which had work by one of his favourite artists, Ary Scheffer (1795–1858), in its collection. In Vincent’s first letter from Dordrecht to his brother Theo, he mentioned going to the museum and seeing Scheffer’s Christ at Gethsemane, a painting that had once made a strong impression on his father. Vincent, too, regarded it as an unforgettable work, and he returned to the museum several times especially to see “the Scheffers”. When his father came to visit on 16 February 1877, they went to the museum together, and Vincent was entirely "in his element". He went back a week later with his brother Theo, and again in April with his housemates and colleagues Paulus Coenraad Görlitz, Nicolaas “Nico” Mager and Ten Broek.


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