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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • May 14, 1877 - July 5, 1878

Vincent van Gogh went to the Westerkerk to hear a sermon by Rev. Jeremie Meijjes (1831–1908), a son of the minister Reinier Posthumus Meijes, whom he had once visited on the advice of his father. He described the younger Meijjes thus:

“Saw him coming from the pulpit and walking through the church after the sermon, and that tall, noble figure and that tired, pale face and that noble head, the hair already showing some grey, made a great impression on me. To be tired in such a way from that work, that is a blessing.” Read the complete letter

Vincent would later visit Jeremie Meijjes at home. 


Reindert Groot, Teio Meedendorp
Vincent van Gogh over Amsterdam, een stadswandeling rond 1880
Bussum, 2003

Lekker wandelen in Amsterdam, Van Kattenburg tot Begijnhof, Met Vincent van Gogh door Amsterdam
VVV Amsterdam

Reindert Groot, Sjoerd de Vries
Vincent van Gogh in Amsterdam
Amsterdam, 1990

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