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Temple de L’Étoile
Paris, France

  • August 1, 1875
  • August 8, 1875

In 1875, Vincent attended the Temple de L’Etoile on Avenue de la Grande Armée, near the Arc de Triomphe. Eugène Bersier (1831–1889) was the church’s pastor, and his sermons clearly made an impression on Vincent, who mentioned them in two letters in 1876. Bersier must have been well known, as Vincent’s mother advised Theo to attend one of his services in 1878. 


Nienke Bakker
Van Gogh et Montmartre
Bruxelles, 2011

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Van Gogh à Paris
Parijs, 1988

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Vincent van Gogh schilderijen, deel 2: Antwerpen en Parijs
Amsterdam, 2011

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