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Musée du Luxembourg
Paris, France

  • May 12, 1873 - May 18, 1873
  • October 26, 1874 - December 25, 1874
  • May 14, 1875 - March 31, 1876
  • February 28, 1886 - February 19, 1888

The Musée du Luxembourg was Paris's foremost museum for contemporary art. On his first visit to the city in May 1873, Vincent went there immediately, and he was impressed by the range of great art on show. After moving to Paris in 1875, he visited the Musée du Luxembourg every week, sometimes with his housemate and friend Harry Gladwell. Vincent took Gladwell to see all his favourite paintings; these included Jules Breton’s Evening, The Blessing of the Wheat in Artois and Calling in the Gleaners, Jean-François Millet’s The Church at Gréville, and Louis Cabat’s The Pond at Ville d’Avray.

In 1885, when he was living in Nuenen in the Dutch province of Brabant, far from art and museums, Vincent wrote to his brother:

"I add here, too, that I can sometimes very much long to see the Louvre and the Luxembourg once again, and that sooner or later I really should study the technique and colour of Millet, Delacroix, Corot and others." Read the complete letter

He soon got his wish. In February 1886, he moved back to Paris, satisfying his longing for the museums. 


Nienke Bakker
Van Gogh et Montmartre
Bruxelles, 2011

Françoise Cachin and Bogomila Welsh-Ovcharov
Van Gogh à Paris
Parijs, 1988

Ella Hendriks and Louis van Tilborgh
Vincent van Gogh schilderijen, deel 2: Antwerpen en Parijs
Amsterdam, 2011

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