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Paris, France

Vincent likely patronised the Latouche shop on Rue Lafayette, which sold pigments and modern paintings and provided framing and lining services. Impressionist paintings were also displayed in the window. Mrs Latouche ran the shop on her own after the death of her husband, Louis (1829–1884).

Vincent or his brother Theo probably bought a plaster copy of Dante's death mask from Latouche; this piece from their collection bears the shop’s sticker on its back. Latouche probably also sold painting and drawing books; when Vincent was living in Arles and needed Armand Théophile Cassagne’s book Guide de l’alphabet du dessin, he asked Theo to see if the shop had a copy for sale. Vincent was apparently familiar with its stock; he wrote:

“Besides, they have these books at Latouche’s [...]”  Read the complete letter


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