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Bague et Cie
Paris, France

  • October 1, 1888 - November 30, 1888

Correspondence between Vincent and his brother Theo reveals that in the autumn of 1888 the art dealers Bague et Cie showed an interest in selling some of his recent work. The business was owned by Athnase Bague (1843–1893) and Maurice Gouvet, who dealt in art from the Barbizon and Hague schools and were therefore competitors of Boussod, Valadon & Cie. Bague probably bought one of Vincent’s Arles paintings, but it is not known which one. Vincent wrote to Theo:

“[...] tell Bague that I’m very pleased that he’s bought this study, and as long as the autumn remains favourable I’m now doing studies which I’ll ask him to come and see [...]” Read the complete letter

In his letters from Arles, Vincent tried to influence sales of his paintings, pressing Theo to use Bague et Cie as an outlet. He urged Theo to point out that he had so far primarily produced studies in Arles and only a few fully fledged paintings; these included The White Orchard, The Pink Orchard and The Harvest.


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