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Van Gogh in London, England

  • 19 May 1873 - 26 Oct 1874
  • 1 Jan 1875 - 19 May 1875
After spending a few years working for the art dealers Goupil & Cie in The Hague, Vincent van Gogh was transferred to their London branch in May 1873.

He was sad to leave The Hague and his loved ones there, but he embarked on his new adventure with confidence. Although it was true that his work was less interesting in London than it had been in The Hague, he thoroughly enjoyed the English way of life and the city, with its lovely parks and interesting museums. Gradually he acquainted himself with English art and literature. Years later, he would reminisce with a sigh that he had come to love London deeply.

Vincent settled in a suburban boarding house on arrival in the city. After a few months, he moved to a cheaper guest house in the Brixton neighbourhood. It was run by the widow Ursula Loyer and her daughter Eugenie, with whom Vincent fell in love. About a year later, when his 19 year-old sister Anna came to England to look for work, she also moved in at the Loyers’. It is likely that Vincent’s mood altered around this time: his family began to worry about his low spirits and withdrawn lifestyle. The change may have been caused by Vincent's unrequited love for Eugenie. Anna and Vincent moved to a new boarding house in the Kennington neighbourhood in August 1874.

Soon after, in late October 1874, Vincent was temporarily transferred to the Paris branch of Goupil & Cie. In January 1875 he returned to London, where Goupil was opening a new location after its take-over of the art dealers Holloway & Sons. Vincent was permanently transferred to Paris in the spring of 1875.

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