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Brussels, Belgium

  • October 30, 1881 - April 30, 1880

When Vincent returned to Brussels in the autumn of 1880 to further his artistic development, he found a little room in a small guest house on Boulevard du Midi. The rent was 50 Belgian francs a month – not cheap, but reasonable in light of the high prices across Brussels. However, the room was unsuitable for Vincent to work in:

“My bedroom is all too small and the light isn’t good, and the people would object to my shutting out some of the light coming in through the window, I’m not even allowed to hang my etchings on the wall or my drawings.” Read the complete letter

Vincent therefore worked mainly in his new friend Van Rappard’s studio. When Van Rappard eventually left Brussels, his departure was cause for Vincent to leave too. In the spring of 1881, he gave up his room on Boulevard du Midi and went to spend the summer with his parents in Etten


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