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Van Gogh in Brussels, Belgium

  • 16 Jul 1878 - 17 Jul 1878
  • 26 Aug 1878 - 30 Nov 1878
  • 1 Oct 1880 - 30 Apr 1881
  • 3 Aug 1879
In 1878, Vincent underwent three months of evangelism training in Brussels and then left to preach in the Borinage region. Two years later, he returned to the city as a beginning artist and enrolled at the art academy.

In 1877 and 1878, Vincent had prepared for a university theology course in Amsterdam without success. He had given up on the idea of becoming a minister but was determined to preach so he decided to train at the Flemish evangelism school in Brussels. The course was much shorter than the one for a theology degree, and the requirements were not as strict. On 16 and 17 July 1878, Vincent took a orientational trip to Brussels with his father and the Rev Slade-Jones (with whom Vincent had worked in Isleworth). Vincent favourably impressed the people he met, and a month later, he embarked on a three-month trial course at the Flemish training school for evangelists in Brussels, lodging with the Plugge family. However, Vincent was not accepted for the next phase of the training, and he left the city to preach in the Borinage mining region.

After living under harsh conditions in the Borinage, Vincent opted to follow his heart and throw himself onto artistic work. His desire to be around art and artists was so great that he felt unable to remain in the countryside and returned to the urban milieu of Brussels. Through his brother Theo and Tobias Victor Schmidt, the manager of Goupil & Cie in Brussels, Vincent met artists such as Willem Roelofs (1822–1897) and Anthon Gerhard Alexander van Rappard (1858–1892). He became good friends with Van Rappard and worked in his studio for some time. He also enrolled in a course at the art academy.

Vincent's objective was clear: he was determined to learn as quickly as possible to produce drawings that he could exhibit and sell to have an income from his work. He was particularly interested in the study of anatomy. He began to contemplate becoming an illustrator for books and newspapers. His father and Theo sent him money to get by on. After Van Rappard left the city, Vincent no longer had a studio to work in and he decided to spend the summer of 1881 in Etten with his parents.

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