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Antwerp, Belgium

  • December 17, 1885

On one of his walks, Vincent sketched Het Steen, a fortress on the Scheldt. He also produced a painting, which he referred to as "detailed", but it has not been preserved. Vincent went to see a number of dealers in the city in an attempt to sell the painting. One expressed interest:

“I’ve been to see someone else with my view of Het Steen, who thought the tone and colour good, who was in a state of confusion drawing up his inventory and is in small premises, though, but where I could go back after the New Year. It’s a good thing for when there are foreigners who want to have a souvenir of Antwerp, and for this reason I’ll make a few more in the same genre of townscapes.” Read the complete letter

It is unclear, however, whether the dealer ever actually took on the work.

The two drawings of Het Steen today comprise part of the collection of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. 


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