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Gennep water mill
Nuenen, The Netherlands

  • November 1, 1884 - November 30, 1884

In November 1884, Vincent van Gogh painted a large study of the Gennep water mill:

“These last few days, although it’s freezing quite hard here, I’ve been working outdoors on a rather large study (more than 1 metre) of an old water mill in Gennep, on the other side of Eindhoven. I want to finish the whole thing outdoors — but it will definitely be the last that I paint outdoors this year.”


The tanner Anton Kerssemakers (1846–1924) was present when Vincent painted the work, and Kerssemakers made his own gouache of the mill. Vincent later painted a watercolour version of his painting. It is likely that he gave the study to Jansje van den Broek in exchange for tobacco. She ran a tobacconist’s in Eindhoven near Baijens’ shop, where Vincent bought art supplies.


Ton de Brouwer
Van Gogh en Nuenen
Venlo, 1984­­­­­

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